norton download

 Norton Download 

Now, in order to get advanced security against web threats for your device, Norton is the best antivirus solution. You must have to go through the Norton Download process to get a better experience of the Norton product. Have a glimpse of the procedure discussed below for the hassle-free download of the application software. 

  • Start the Norton Download process by accessing the official website of Norton via “”. Here, you need to ensure that you are entering the web URL correctly.  
  • This will redirect you to the required webpage for downloading the Norton product. 
  • Before proceeding with the downloading process you need to purchase the Norton product. In short, you must purchase the Norton product as per your preferences. For this, place your cursor over the “Products and Services” and click on it. 
  • This will open the list of all the products that are offered by Norton. Opt for the product that is compatible with your operating system on which you are working. 
  • Once you have opted for the product that you want to purchase, tap “Subscribe Now”. Then, enter the payment details and personal details accurately and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the purchasing process. 
  • Thereafter, return back to the homepage and tap on the Norton Logintab. Look at the upper right corner of the page for this tab. 
  • Now, you are required to login to your account, if you already have an account. You can do so by using the registered email address and password with the Norton account
  • Besides this, if you don’t have an account create one and then login to your account. 
  • Next, tap on the “Download Norton” tab. 
  • Apart from this, if you have an unregistered product key on your account, tap “Enter a new product key”.
  •  Thereafter, type the 25 digit product key code in the required field and then follow the instructions on-screen to activate the Norton subscription. 
  • In the end, tap on “Agree and Download” to conclude with the Norton Download process. You have to wait for a few seconds until the downloading process gets finished. 


Q1. Can I access the free version of the Norton product? 

Ans. You can get the 30 days of a free trial of the Norton product. Once, the trial period is over you have to purchase the Norton subscription to get access to all its features. 

Q2. Why Norton antivirus is required? 

Ans. Norton software is required due to the following reasons that are discussed below. So, in order to access these features, you are required to purchase and download the product.

  •  Norton is an antivirus software detects and eliminates viruses, spyware and safeguard your device from these threats. 
  • Moreover, it also protects the user by blocking access to unwanted websites. 
  • You can surf freely without worrying about the web-threats to enter into your system.
  •  Norton antivirus software also provides complete protection to your mobile devices also. 
  • The best part of this product is that it includes the parental control feature. This feature enables you to keep an eye on your children while surfing online.
  •  It includes the backup facility which adds more value to this product in providing better functionality. 
  • This product also includes a password manager that helps in safeguarding your passwords, credit card details, etc. 

Q3. What are the things that you must consider while downloading the software?

Ans. In order to successfully download the Norton Products on your system, you must remember a few things. 

  • Before purchasing the Norton product ensure that you have purchased the Norton product as per your operating system. Otherwise, it will create issues while downloading it into your system. 
  • You must purchase the new version of the Norton product for your device. This will give you a better experience while accessing the Norton product. 
  • You must be well connected with the speedy internet connection. 
  • It is advised you should not shut down your system while downloading the software. 
  • At the time of downloading, make sure that no other version of Norton software is installed on your computer. If any other version is available on your system, you need to uninstall at that time only. 

With this, the Norton Download process completes successfully.