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Use Wipe Info for Norton nu16

Use Wipe Info for Norton nu16

Use Wipe Info for Norton nu16 – No doubt, Norton is a flawless application. It works amazingly for security and safety. However, wiping info isn’t a big task. Norton Nu16 is the superior contributor.

Use Wipe Info for Norton nu16

Use Wipe Info for Norton nu16

Norton Utility 16 Setup

There is nothing confusing in the Norton installation setup. It is more like a simple process. However, Notion suit copy installation for the first time will not create any problem. Moreover, if you already have a copy, you have to uninstall it. After downloading and installation process, activation will take place. Most importantly, it takes an easy process to Wipe info for Norton nu16.

Wiping File or folder

If you are willing to erase a particular data or the file, you can do that easily. Hence, dump all your unwanted data on the spot. In that particular folder, you can select the files and delete. Get the unwanted data away from your computer. Also, you are free to Wipe info for Norton nu16. In this way, you will always be open to the free space. As a result, your computer will work smoothly.  

Here are few steps which you can adapt to wipe a folder or file-
  • Firstly, open the main wipe info window.
  • Secondly, select the option says wipe file.
  • Click on the file or the folder you wish to delete permanently.
  • Furthermore, click on the wipe to Wipe info for Norton nu16.
  • There will be a confirmation notification for wiping.
  • Lastly. agree on the notification. Therefore, deleting process will take place.

If you are facing the issue at any step, connect at It’ a wise advice to get a broader vision. Also, a good wise for a broader vision.

Steps to Wipe an entire disk

Once, you choose to get this option into work, everything will delete. However, it will delete everything present in your disk. Also, the process will wipe off the data permanently.

Here are the few steps about how you can follow the procedure
  • Firstly, open the main wipe window.
  • Secondly, click on the options wipe information.
  • Now, all you need to do is select the Drive for the available disk.
  • Particularly, select the removable disk to add it in the selected process.
  • Furthermore, select on the option says wipe disk.
  • Now, on the wipe disk, put the new name.
  • To delete permanently, click on a wipe.

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